Consultant by Day. Artist by default.

As McKinsey’s 1st Content Marketing Specialist, and 8 years of prior content marketing experience with South Asia’s largest brands, I can breathe life into your copy, brand and vision. Or I can write a song you’ll love.

I write. I sing. I build brands.

As a writer, my strength is writing simple yet evocative copy, no matter how complex the subject.

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As LadyFingers, a kick-ass singer-songwriter, my strength is composing funny music and jingles.

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As a brand strategist, my strength is developing a unique storytelling style and positioning that sells.

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What do I bring to the table?

  • I am a tried-and-tested writer.
  • I am a passionate, no-nonsense editor.
  • I strategise, plan and create content.
  • I do my research.
  • I never run out of ideas.
  • I inspire those around me.
  • I don’t over-complexify (unless you want me to).
  • I think long term.
  • I’m flexible.

Reviews & Recommendations

Shrutika is one of the very few individuals who can don a strategy hat as easily as she wears a content creator crown. I can't imagine getting this far at Scatter without Shrutika. I'm sure Shrutika will be content marketing's most valuable person in the years to come.

Rajan Srinivasan
Founder & CEO, Scatter & Former CEO - IBN Live
Shrutika is very creative and hard working. She carefully considers the task at hand from various angles to come up with delightful outcomes. She easily ventures into new areas effortlessly and always exceeds expectations.

Sumeet Kumar
VP - Technology, Goldman Sachs & Former Co-Founder, Metanest Technologies
You do that whole marketing nonsense all the time.... but you do it well.

My Mum

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